Sarmast Ensemble presentation 
Performers :
- Navid Saeedi : Composer & Tar
- Hossein Baharbin : Vocal
- Farzaneh Khosravi : Vocal
- Majid Saeedi : Santour
- Arman Sigarchi : Oud
- Alborz Bekhradi : Oud & Tar Bass
- Saber Hemmati : Kamancheh
- Arash Shomali : Tombak
- Hani  Zahiri : Daf
- Jawad Salkhordeh : Tombak & Daf
Sarmast Ensemble is a Persian classical music group which was created some years ago in Paris by Navid Saeedi. The main feature of this group is its creative and innovative spirit in Persian classical music. Indeed, regarding  the composition, arrangement and orchestration, and the choice of poems to accompany the songs, Sarmast Ensemble has always shown its desire to be a representative of the actual era and to bring a new interpretation of Iranian music to the public inspired by Persian classical music pearls.
Concert in Germany (Berlin & Hamburg)